Jan 03 2011

First Ride of 2011

It was a sunny, clear and crisp morning as three of us (Kary, Eddie and William) met at Idlywood Park on West Lake Sammamish.  Tendrils of fog were rising from the water surface and shimmering in the bright morning sun. 

The 26 ºF air was cold, but not chilling, it was invigorating and refreshing.  As we headed out we rode slowly and carefully as the slippery surfaces demanded our attention to cycle with a smooth cadence and no abrupt turns or braking. 

Riding along the cycle lane was a bounty of nature’s treasures greeting our eyes and tires — pine cones looking for a place to seed, branches and leaves softly lining the paths, frost wrapping itself to our tires in a velvet coat, rocks and pebbles waiting to be worn smooth by rains to come, sheets of ice preserving the ecosystem underneath.  Coming up East Lake Sammamish, the sun reflected off the waters and overhead a bald eagle soared looking for its breakfast.  Quick decending a hill, we passed cattails sparkling in their ice cocoons, waiting for spring.

We made it back to our starting point, safe, praise God, and ready for more rides in this new year.


Ride Stats can be found here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/61846705


  1. blueneck

    It sounds pretty cold – I remember a similar ride around the lake a few years ago with Jon, Kary, and Doug P. It was so cold our water bottles froze.

    I notice that Kary rode his rain bike and Eddie’s not holding onto a Pinarello.

    1. Tailwind

      There was no wind so it was actually pretty nice. There was ice that formed in Eddie’s water bottle though.

      We all thought to ride our rain bike but I ended up riding my Litespeed. Eddie rode his new (to him) Trek Portland, which is behind him, and he was holding my bike,and Kary rode his rain bike. Comon theme — we all had some red on our bikes — Eddie with a red rack and saddle bag, me with red tires and Kary with a red bike.

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