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Update: We have raised over $28,000 for Project Kolkata.   Click here to read more about it.

IJM - Seek Justice

As cyclists we would like to combine our love of this cycling with a cause.  To this end, this year we will be riding for International Justice Mission (“IMJ”).  Who is IJM?

“International Justice Mission is a human rights agency that secures justice for victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression. IJM lawyers, investigators and aftercare professionals work with local governments to ensure victim rescue, to prosecute perpetrators and to strengthen the community and civic factors that promote functioning public justice systems.

IJM’s justice professionals work in their communities in 12 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to secure tangible and sustainable protection of national laws through local court systems.”

–IJM, “Who We Are, <> (last visited March 8, 2011)

As Team IJM, our goal is to raise awareness and funds for IJM throughout the season as we train together and participate in other organized rides. We will have more information and materials available for fundraising as we get further into the season and hope to start fundraising in May and carry through to the end of September.  The funds that we raise this year will be designated to support Project Kolkata.

Summary  of Project Kolkata
The goal of IJM Kolkata’s Sex Trafficking Eradication Project (the “Project”) is to ensure that the public justice system functions as it should for sex trafficking victims in the Kolkata project area.    The Project defines “sex trafficking” as the introduction of persons into prostitution through deceit, coercion, or violence.  Typically, the victims of sex trafficking in West Bengal are either female children who are purchased or kidnapped by perpetrators or adults who have been deceived with false promises of a job. Many are trafficked across the borders of Bangladesh and Nepal.

The Project ultimately intends to deter perpetrators from sex trafficking by increasing the likelihood and severity of official punishment of traffickers.  As credible deterrence occurs the flow of new trafficking victims introduced into the target area will gradually decrease.  Also, the Project will also provide immediate and long term relief to trafficking victims as it seeks deterrence.

Goal and Objectives of Project Kolkata
The goal of the Project is to contribute to the eradication of sex trafficking in the Kolkata Project Area.  The primary objectives of the Project are to ensure that:

  • The local public justice system effectively deters sex trafficking perpetrators.
  • Rescued victims receive adequate services to ensure that they are not re-trafficked.

To support Project Kolkata a donor should (1) make a donation and then (2) complete the Team IJM Donation Form (click here to download) so we track the donation so that the appropriate person on the team can thank them.

There are several ways people can make donations:

  1. Online: For on-line credit card donations simply click here to go to the Team IJM Donation Page at the IJM website.  98% of the funds donated through on-line credit card will go to IJM for supporting Project Kolkata (the credit card service charges a small handling fee).  Please ask donors to let us know on whose behalf they made a donation so that the appropriate person on our team can thank them.  IJM will send out a tax-deductible receipt per their policy. 
  2. Check Donations – People donating by check need to write out their check payable to International Justice Mission and then either give the check to the Team IJM member on whose behalf they’re donating to or mail the check to Team IJM, P.O. Box 1348, Issaquah, WA 98027-0055.  Please write “Project Kolkata” in the memo field.  These checks will be collected and forwarded to IJM by Richard Miyauchi, our team’s donation treasurer. 100% of the donation amount will go to the support of Project Kolkata.  The donor’s address must be included on the check in order for IJM to send out a tax-deductible receipt per their policy.
  3. Cash: Donors should never send cash in the mail. If a donor wishes to make a cash donation, they will need to give the cash to the Team IJM member on whose behalf they’re donating. That Team IJM member can then write a check to IJM in the amount of cash provided and get it to the team’s donation treasurer. The donor will not receive a tax-deductible receipt from IJM for a cash donation.
  4. Employer Match: Some employers match all or a portion of their employees’ donations to qualifying not-for-profit organizations. If you work for a company that does this, ask them if IJM qualifies for a match. If so, please indicate the company and matching amount on the donation form.
  5. Other: This may include other ways of donating such as recommending a donation through a charitable trust.  Please have the trust indicate that the donation is to go to Project Kolkata.  


Questions About Giving: If you have questions about other ways you or your donors are interested in giving, please contact Richard Miyauchi at

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