Jan 29 2011

Bike wheel

When do you replace your rims/wheels? Here’s a shot of my rear wheel:

Pothole damage: Rear Rim

Pothole damage: Rear Rim

Under normal circumstances, I could ride over potholes that caused this dent with no incident. But as my rim became worn down, the material became thinner and weaker. Aside from the dent, the depth of wear on the rim was about 0.02″ – 0.03″ (1/64″ – 1/32″). Thanks to the pothole, I have to replace my rim/wheel. Though this was a minor inconvenience, it could have turned out a lot worse.


  1. Tailwind

    Looks as though you bottomed out on the tire. Well, you could just get a new bike as that would then come with TWO new wheels!

  2. team fuji

    That same thing happened to me, but the rim blew out while I was pumping up my rear tire. I think the wearing of the rim happens more quickly on the rear rim because it generally takes more of the braking action. Also, it probably encounters more grit in the brake pads which ends up acting like sandpaper to wear down the rim. It is something to continually check for as you accumulate miles on your bike. Thanks for the reminder!

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