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Sep 01 2010

Teaching Kids to Ride

For those of you with young kids (or grandkids) that want to learn to ride, the is a type of bike that does not use training wheels and makes it easier for them to learn quickly.  I heard great things about this type of bike from parents. Here is the article from the Wall Stree …

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Jul 05 2010

Tour de Donut

I was reading Shawshank’s comment the other day about him eating TopPot donuts and was thinking — why don’t we have a ride like this one here in Utah or here in Texas?  Where is ours in Seattle?  I suppose ours would be the Tour de Latte.

Jun 23 2010

Chain Ring Bolts: The Untold Story

I rode our tandem into work this morning. Heading up Rainier Avenue with a little added pressure to the pedals, I felt the crank suddenly give. The last few times out I had noticed some squeaking, especially on the hills, so I was intending to bring the tandem into RE Cycles before the STP. Now …

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Jun 20 2010

Bike Sighting

20100619-102208-9681 [S90] (800x589)

With STP only a few weeks away, did Daniel and I need to go on a ride?  Especially since Daniel has only been out a few times?  YES.  So what did we do?  We decided to spend this day as a family on a road trip to Canada.  At least that was the plan until …

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Jun 02 2010

Forests, bears, cattle and gopher holes?

Think that we have a few problem with hills, traffic lights the occasional construction project?  How about forests, bears, cattle and gopher holes in Seattle in the 1800′s? “Cyclists didn’t have to venture far along these paths to escape the city noise and crowds. The Lake Washington Path reportedly plunged riders into deep forest, where …

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May 23 2010

Jerseys – they’re not a state

What do you all want to do for jerseys? I think it would be easiest if we all went for the World Vision jerseys. We don’t have enough time left to design custom jerseys. [added by editor-- Addional information on World Vision from Heather N.] Here is the website for Team World Vision.  They already have a fund …

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