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Mar 05 2012

STP 1 day

white shoes

Hey Everyone! Grace and I on Tandem and Craig are doing the STP in One Day. I’d like to invite other Crazy people to join. Our goal is 12 hours total. My original thought was Sunday at 3 am, but, there may be interest for Sat at 3 am. Sunday would be nice because the …

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Nov 23 2011

Protected: 2011 Team IJM Wrap-Up

Brian Cress (L) and Gary Haugen (R) from IJM

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Jul 22 2011

STP 2011 – Red Team Ride Report

Our ride started off almost like clockwork – people got their streamers and their much valued  wrist bands. We left at 6:20am and the remaining color teams left roughly on schedule with the yellow team rolling out at 6:40am. At Kent, we saw some of the teams start to come in and our team (red) took off …

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Sep 04 2010

Overdue Ride Report for the 2010 STP

Here is my version of the STP ride report. It is from my perspective. Other folks will have had different experiences. The 2010 STP ride: We started off from Lewis Creek park at around 6:45 or so. The temperature was cold and everyone was eager to get started. We split off into a bunch of ride …

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Jul 21 2010

STP 2010 – Brief Update

We completed the  Seattle-to-Portland ride this past weekend!  All in all, we had 28 riders crossing the finish line for World Vision and World Bicycle Relief.  (See Riding the STP — Bicycles for AIDS Caregivers).  We had a great time of riding, fellowship and opportunities to share with others what World Vision and World Bicycle Relief does.  And we want …

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Jul 08 2010

[Updated] Eastside Tour de Donut

Dan, having taken to heart (or stomach) the lament that we do not have a Tour de Donut here in the Seattle area, is  leading the following ride for this Saturday at 8:00 am: “How about a Tour de Donut route that’s about 35 miles that would start at Sunset Elementary and stop at Krispy Kreme in …

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Jul 05 2010

Lake Sammamish Loop with New Stoker

20100705-124107-0023 [S90] (1024x768)

As it seems to be the case here in Seattle, the weather was quite drab and gray up to July 4th.  Come July 5 and all of a sudden, sunshine and lots of it.  Thus, it was a great day for a ride. Since Daniel decided that he was to “cramped” on the tandem to …

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Jul 05 2010

Riding the STP — Bicycles for AIDS Caregivers

[sticky post] This year 30 riders composed of members of Lighthouse Christian Church, their family and friends, will be participating in the Seattle-to-Portland ride.  We will be completing the 200 mile journey from Seattle-to-Portland on July 17-18, 2010 and will be raising money to provide bicycles for AIDS caregivers in Zambia through World Vision, in partnership with World Bicycle …

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May 23 2010

Jerseys – they’re not a state

What do you all want to do for jerseys? I think it would be easiest if we all went for the World Vision jerseys. We don’t have enough time left to design custom jerseys. [added by editor-- Addional information on World Vision from Heather N.] Here is the website for Team World Vision.  They already have a fund …

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May 20 2010

Reminiscing on STPs Past

Look at Our Jerseys

So you might be wondering what some of our past STP experiences have been like.  Let’s just say they’ve evolved over the past six years.  On our first STP in 2005, we were six guys slogging along like the 8,500 other riders.  In 2006 we picked up our own SAG wagon so we didn’t have …

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