Sep 29 2010

Abhishek – New Rider

Abhishek Commute (800x600)

I would like you all to meet Abhishek, a collegue of mine who began biking in earnest this year.  He started to pick-up cycling again through invitations and different challenges that were available such as Bike to Work Month and through the worksite having facilities as well as others encouraging a cycling culture. 

Unfortunately, he was riding a relatively new bike that was too big.  In fact, it should never have been sold to him by the cycling shop.  He tried to get it to fit — going to bike fitters and such — but it did not make sense to spend the money to try to retrofit a bike that just did not fit.  We did however, find a simple solution.  We went to look at and try a few bikes so that he can test out the fit to compare against what he had.  (You can see where this leading…) The result was the purchase of a brand new Novara Randonee bike that fit him perfectly.  See — simple solution to a bike that does not fit — just buy one that does!  Of course, that left him with two bikes… does this sound like a familiar slippery slope?

Once he got his new bike, Abhishek began really riding in earnest.  First a few miles around the neighborhood, next bringing his bike on family vacations, then taking more extended rides.  Nice thing is that he can now easily ride 20 miles or so and is hoping to be able to ride the STP next year.

The next big step was to ride into work.  The photo above is of his recent inauguaral ride in.  Turns out that this first ride was full of adventures in low air pressue and finding bike shops to help.  Not sure that this would be the type of first ride that I would have like to have – however, his spirit is high and on the bright side, he now knows where the shops are and that in the event he has a problem later he can still get into work.

Looking forward to seeing him in the office more with his trusty steed!


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  1. blueneck

    I once thought of getting a Randonee myself. It’s a great touring bike that can take the beatings from daily commuting. Low pressure and all the other adventures on an inaugural commute mean learning opportunities and great bike stories!

  2. shawshank

    I look forward to riding with you. Hats off to anyone who is still riding in October!!!

    Wow William, you even sold him on the Brooks saddle! Are you sure you are in the right field? Every try Sales?

  3. Tailwind

    And not only that — he has the Brooks leather handlebar tape. Meticulously applied even so that the Brooks insignia is shown face up on both sides. Classy guy!

  4. grokstarr

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome !
    I’m really enjoying my Randonee and have been doing some modest 20 miles run on it, hopefully this will soon stretch to more miles.
    Shawshank, I completely agree with you.. William is an excellent marketeer! He recently was instrumental in the latest addition to this bike, a magic shine LED light. I must add, both these additions have added a strong character to this bike and have made my ride much more enjoyable and safer.

  5. shawshank

    a recommendation to ensure that you are SAFE through the winter is to not ride thruogh the autumn/winter/spring. with rain falling, wet leaves on the ground, poor visibility for you and for cars, and bone-chilling wind, it is best to hang-up the bike and start training when the flowers are blooming and birds are chirping.


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