Apr 28 2012

Mercer Island Loop

The gang's all here!

Doug, Jerrold, Phebe, Rene, Phoebe, Nancy, Karen (riding solo), Gail (riding solo), Kary, and myself rode the Mercer Island Loop on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After some tough mid-week negotiation, Nancy and I agreed to ride tandem (Note: If Nancy weren’t a pastor, she would be qualified to negotiate nuclear arms treaties and national labor deals). I drove into the Mercer Island Community Center parking lot with distinct feeling that our Captain-Stoker relationship had been fundamentally altered into a Captain-Admiral relationship…but I was totally okay with that. Little did I know that Nancy had her single in her car under a blanket. So after getting assembled and saying a short prayer, 8 singles and one tandem headed out from the Mercer Island Community Center.

Riding down East Mercer Way has always been my favorite part of the ride. Negotiating the turns and shifting to maintain a steady cadence keeps it interesting. As we pulled out of the S-curves and down the hill toward the south end of the island, the Admiral paid me the greatest compliment. She said she felt like she was riding with Dred as we were going down the hill. I knew she was just being nice because at most we only hit 35 or 40 mph. Dred would’ve been doing 50.

Riding single today

Riding single on a new bike!

Everyone did great – especially Gail and Karen who did a fabulous job on their singles! We pulled back into the Community Center parking lot at about 1:15 pm where Rene and Jerrold shared the best news of the day. I won’t tell you what it is – just look closely at Rene’s left hand.

Look at her left hand!

Thanks, everyone, for a great ride!