Apr 29 2012

East Lake Laps – Sunday, April 29

The invitation seemed right- a lesiurely ride on the Sammamish River Trail to Woodinville and back.  This was only about a 14 mile ride or so.  A nice ride to stretch out the legs.

Getting ready, I figured we would meet at Marymoore.  Why not just ride over?  Running a bit late I pushed the pace a bit to get there on time.  5 minutes wait, then 10 minutes wait…  Check website – oh no, we were supposed to meet at Sunset, another 10 miles back from where I just came from.  Calling Steve he said that they would leave there soon and go up Eastlake Sammamish Parkway. 

Well, rather than waiting, I’ll just go slowly and meet them on the road.  At the top of Eastlake, did not meet them.  At the middle, did not meet them.  Getting to bottom of the lake, still did not meet them.  Another call and the story is that they left late – effectively I just rode around 20 miles for not intending to ride any miles yet. 

Finally meeting up with them we proceeded to ride back up to Marymoore to Woodinville and back to Sunset for a 52 mile ride – not quite the 14 mile ride I expected!  It was good to ride with the group again and catch-up, with plenty of miles to do it in.


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