Jun 20 2010

2010.06.13 Morning Ride

Got up around 5:00 am this morning to meet Mike down by Loehman’s for a quick spin around the Lake Washington (south loop).  It felt good to be out in the early morning air.  The silence only broken by the whirring of our wheels as we rode at a quick pace — and by our chatter.  The opportunity to just have a miles to talk with Mike was nice as usually it was all I can do to breathe to keep up, much less talk. 

As we were going up from Rainier Ave to Seward Park, Mike caught a glimpse of a rider coming the other way.  I was looking at the nice folding bike while Mike noticed the sneakers.  Suddenly he recognized the sneakers and called out to the rider and lo and behold, it was Doug P.  Sure was nice to see him — the bonus was to get a breather!

Mike decided that we need a good hill climb so up we went up Massachusettes Ave and finally took a break overlooking I-90 and Mt. Rainier.

Aftewards, the descent and quick pace across I-90 and back to Loehmann’s for a quick change, and off to church.

Great ride — thanks Mike!