May 27 2010

What I Like Best About Cycling

Despite the occasional leg cramp, rain storm, road rash…

One of Two Boo-Boos - STP 2008

and irritating driver that pulls up behind you and honks, I totally enjoy cycling.  There’s a ton of reasons why and I kinda felt like sharing a few.

After a Hard Day's Work - STP 2008

Sometimes being tired is a drag, but the kind of tired you get after a long ride feels really good.

Fathers and Sons - STP 2009

Team Okada at the Finish Line - STP 2008

Cycling has allowed me to share some great memories and achievements with my kids.

Rookies No More - STP 2009

Through cycling I’ve made some new friends, learned better how to help others, and seen people achieve things they might not have on their own.

Tandeming Is Fun

Riding tandem is a great cycling experience whether you’re the captain (i.e., the person in front) or the stoker (i.e., the person in back).  It can be a little like dancing (which I am absolutely no good at) and it really teaches you about teamwork, leading, and following.  Some of my greatest hopes for cycling involve our tandem.

Just Another Ride

Finally, it’s just fun to get out with the guys and put a few miles behind you.

So what do YOU enjoy about cycling?  Share a few thoughts and maybe it’ll motivate someone to get out on the pavement or trail.