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Apr 26 2012

Snohomish Bakery Ride, April 21, 2012

Snohomish Bakery 025

Potatoes au gratin are thinly sliced potatoes baked with cheese and cream. According to Livestrong.com, a 1-cup serving contains 313 calories, roughly half in carbs, and the other half in fat. I like mine prepared with Yukon Gold potatoes, and a mix of parmesan and gruyere cheese. Most of you who’ve taken Heather’s Eating for …

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Apr 23 2012

Cedar River Eagle, April 22, 2012

Preparing to turn around

Last week Esther and I dusted off our tandem and went for ride.  After a few mishaps, we did eventually get a ride in that week.  We knew though, that we would like to make adjustments and so we went on another ride this week to try out some dffferent equipment.  In particular, we were …

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Apr 14 2012

Tacos, April 14, 2012


Saturday found Esther and me preparing for our first tandem ride of the season.  I dusted off the bike, checked to make sure all the tools were packed, pumped up the tires – good, no flats - and noticing the crank had some grease, tried to at least give it a cursory wipe. Rolling the tandem to the car, i removed …

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Apr 09 2012

The Tragedy of the Black Diamond Bakery Ride


A beautiful day, and a beautiful ride. As a rider, this means a bright sun that sharply pierces the solid, blue sky, and gently radiates warm rays onto my face, while miles clock by, past rushing river, past tree-covered embankment, over smooth dry asphalt, and into a bakery. No flats, no cramps, no injuries. Enjoying …

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Feb 04 2012

Mercer Island Loop – 1st Ride of the Season


Couldn’t ask for a better February day to dust off the ole two-wheeler and take it for a spin. Nine of us took advantage of the sunny mild winter day this morning and went for a leisurely spin around Mercer Island. For the most part, the group adhered to the plan keeping the pace at …

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May 28 2011

Pod 1/A Ride Report for Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish, May 28

We started off from Sunset Elementary. Everyone stuck together pretty much all the way to Log Boom Park. A couple of folks broke off to take a nature break or stop at a store but I didn’t notice. I was too busy huffing away. After a quick regroup at Log Boom Park I tried to …

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May 21 2011

Sammamish-Snoqualmie Valley-Carnation Loop, May 21

Carnation 5-21-11 017

Just like the previous 10 weeks, we were blessed to have another day of decent weather for riding. There were heavy clouds all morning but the showers held back. I recall only feeling a few drops during the ride. Gail and I arrived at Sunset Elementary where we were joined by William, Heli making the …

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May 15 2011

Issaquah-May Valley-Black Diamond-Renton Loop, May 14

Black Diamond 5-14-11 022

28 — that was the number of riders that we had on today’s ride.  This was one of the biggest group rides yet and as we were to find out, quite a challenge to keep track of everyone. (But everyone made it back  — sore maybe – but safe and sound).  The weather was wonderful too – 10 weeks …

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May 08 2011

North Lk Washington Loop- May 7

North Lake Wash Loop 05-07-11 014

The morning started with wet roads and plenty of heavy clouds. Fortunately, this did not deter many from wanting to get out and put some miles on their bikes. It was good to see many of the regular riders, riders who haven’t ridden with us for awhile (Kurt and Eric), and new riders joining us …

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Apr 27 2011

Ride Report: Marymoore to U-District, April 23

Marymoor Sammamish Trail Ride 001

After riding the South Lake Washington/Bakery Route this past Saturday (4/23), Kary and I decided we still needed some extra saddle time so wanted to catch the Marymoor Ride at 2:30pm. As we left our house to ride there, we saw Melanie down the block leaving her driveway on her bike so we caught up …

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