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May 31 2010

2010.05.31 7 Hills of Kirkland

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Well…Kary, Chris, William and I rode the 7 Hills of Kirkland today and guess what? We found the two hills we missed on our previous attempt!  You know what we didn’t find?  The South Kirkland Park and Ride.  Can you believe that the City of Kirkland is so into urban beautification that they hide their park and  rides?  Or is …

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May 25 2010

2010.05.31 Ride the 7 Hills of Kirkland

I’m signed up to do the 7 Hills of Kirkland ride this coming Monday, May 31st (i.e., Memorial Day). The traditional 7 Hills course is approximately 40 miles long with about 3,000 feet of climbing. It loops around Kirkland, going over the following hills: 1) Market; 2) Juanita; 3) Seminary; 4) Norway; 5) Kingsgate; 6) Winery; …

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