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2012 STP Training Schedule

LEGEND: Gray-Expired ride; Red- Upcoming ride; Black- Scheduled rideBlue- Proposed, but not scheduled








April 7

wk 14 (Sat)

Carco Theatre to Black Diamond Bakery

38 miles

Mostly flat: Snacks at the Bakery


April 14

wk 13 (Sat)

Sunset to Black Diamond Bakery

51 miles

Some Hills: Snacks at the Bakery


April 21

wk 12 (Sat)

Marymoor to Snohomish

50 miles

Some Hills; Snacks in Snohomish


April 28

wk 11 (Sat)

Snoqualmie Falls – Tokul Loop

45 miles

Start at Sunset Elementary: Hilly route: Snacks at the Falls


April 28

wk 11 (Sat)

Lake Sammamish Laps

60+ miles

Start at Marymoore Park by tennis courts

Ed Ambo

April 29

wk 11 (Sun)

Sammamish River Trail after LCC

20-30 miles

Leisurely pace; Start at Sunset Elementary School.

Steve Kato

May 5

wk 10 (Sat)

Black Diamond Bakery

8 miles

LCC Retreat Weekend

Doug Pang

May 12

wk 9 (Sat)

Lake Washington

60 miles

Sunset @ 8;15 AM sharp, Kary Chinn

May 13

wk 9 (Sun)

Recommend: LCC around Lake Sammamish  26 miles   individual

May 19

wk 8 (Sat)

Lk Samm & Lk WA Outer Loop 67 miles Meet at Sunset @ 8:00am  Kary Chinn

May 20

wk 8 (Sun)

LCC around Lake Sammamish  26 miles Meet at Phantom Lake Elementary School @ 7:15am Grace

May 26

wk 7 (Sat)

Sunset to Snohomish Loop  75 miles    Bart Rogers

May 27

wk 7 (Sun)

Proposed: Lake Washington North Loop  40 miles    TBD

May 28

wk 7 (Mon)

7 Hills of Kirkland (Memorial Day)


100 miles

Supported Ride: Hilly route  

June 2

wk 6 (Sat)

Proposed: Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish 75 miles   TBD

June 3

wk 6 (Sun)

LCC around Lake Sammamish  26 miles Meet at Phantom Lake Elementary School @ 7:15am Grace

June 9

wk 5 (Sat)

Flying Wheels

25/45/75/100 miles

Supported Ride: Hills on longer routes

Steve Kato to coordinate

June 10

wk 5 (Sun)

Recommend: easy recovery ride if doing 100 mile Flying Wheel route     individual

June 16

wk 4 (Sat)

Proposed: Snoqualmie Falls-North Bend Loop  60+ miles?    Heather?

June 17

wk 4 (Sun)

Recommend: Lake Washington Loop  50+ miles   individual

June 23

wk 3 (Sat)

Proposed: Tour de Donut  50 miles Sample the finest donut shops on the Eastside.  Dan Ko?

June 24

wk 3 (Sun)

Snoqualmie Valley 45 miles  Start at Sunset @ 1:30pm  Kary Chinn

June 30

wk 2 (Sat)

Crystal Mountain

85 miles

Lunch at Crystal Mountain

Steve Kato

July 1

wk 2 (Sun)

Recommend: easy recovery ride      individual

July 7

wk 1 (Sat)

Mercer Island-Coulon Park-Kubota Gardens 26 miles Short botanical interest ramp down ride. Bart Rogers

July 14

wk 0 (Sat)

STP Weekend

200 miles

FUN!!!  Everyone!

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