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Apr 23 2012

Cedar River Eagle, April 22, 2012

Preparing to turn around

Last week Esther and I dusted off our tandem and went for ride.  After a few mishaps, we did eventually get a ride in that week.  We knew though, that we would like to make adjustments and so we went on another ride this week to try out some dffferent equipment.  In particular, we were …

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Apr 14 2012

Tacos, April 14, 2012


Saturday found Esther and me preparing for our first tandem ride of the season.  I dusted off the bike, checked to make sure all the tools were packed, pumped up the tires – good, no flats - and noticing the crank had some grease, tried to at least give it a cursory wipe. Rolling the tandem to the car, i removed …

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Mar 03 2012

A (Kind of) Leisurely Ride Around Lake Sammamish


Unable to join Ed and company for a ride tomororw morning, I was looking out the windoow planning out other future rides.  But the 59º F temperature, blue sky and wispy clouds was beckoning me to go for a nice leisurely ride. Right now. Rolling down my hill on my way toward Sunset to meet Kary, I was greeted by a …

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Feb 28 2012

Chilly Hilly 2012: from FA(s)T Eddie’s point of view


The cold temperature and the hills each contribute to the challenge.  But for me, the biggest challenge is the fact that I haven’t exercised in any way, since September.  Back then, my conditioning was acceptable.  But I’ve had a lot of cake, ice cream, roast beef, red wine, poppy-seed muffins, and couch time since the …

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Jun 18 2011

Maltby Cafe-Paradise Lake


Daniel and I have not had a chance to really get out on a long ride for about 4 weeks so we were looking forward to doing this 44 mile Tour de Cure loop.  I was not sure how the ride would go.  Would have have to stop early?  Make frequent adjustments?  Get lost and take a long time …

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Jan 03 2011

First Ride of 2011

Lake Sammamish 1-3-2010

It was a sunny, clear and crisp morning as three of us (Kary, Eddie and William) met at Idlywood Park on West Lake Sammamish.  Tendrils of fog were rising from the water surface and shimmering in the bright morning sun.  The 26 ºF air was cold, but not chilling, it was invigorating and refreshing.  As we headed …

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Aug 06 2010

Sept 25th, Prosser Hot Air Balloon & Wine Ride

Hi Riders Are you folks ready for a more casual ride in Yakima’s wine country? Prosser host a Hot Air Balloon Festival on the weekend of September 24-26th. I would like to propose a ride that is perfect for two passenger bikes. Really this is just a fun ride for singles too, but I say …

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Aug 01 2010

07.08.10 Touring Sonoma


We enjoyed some Sonoma Wine Country action from July 5th to 12th.  After flying into the Santa Rosa airport we settled right into the Worldmark in Windsor, a complex of beautiful time share condominiums.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the local geography, Windsor is located in Sonoma Valley, which is immediately west …

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Jun 20 2010

Bike Sighting

20100619-102208-9681 [S90] (800x589)

With STP only a few weeks away, did Daniel and I need to go on a ride?  Especially since Daniel has only been out a few times?  YES.  So what did we do?  We decided to spend this day as a family on a road trip to Canada.  At least that was the plan until …

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May 16 2010

2008.05.15 Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop The morning was cool, bright and crisp when we started.  I have not taken this route before the Snoqualmie falls and I was looking forward to seeing how to get there, having heard about this route from other.  As we went behind Pickering Market, the slugs were out in force — good thing for …

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