Monthly Archive: July 2013

Jul 16 2013

Anyone Can STP in 1 Day!

This is the "After" photo

There was once a time, a long time ago, long before the Renault Fuego was considered a stylish and sporty import, around the time when people would stand in line to use a payphone, during an age where one would hold up a cassette tape recorder up to the TV during Soul Train to record songs …

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Jul 14 2013

2013 STP in 1 Day


  This was an event that I had been wanting to do for many years, ever since my first STP. So this year, I finally decided to do it. Kary had planned everything out, with Gail and Kathryn providing support. Kary even had a customized spreadsheet to figure out the time points and you could enter …

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Jul 06 2013


This is our last ride before the 2013 one-day STP. We gathered up at Marymoor Park – a rather small crew, but enough to do some pacelining. Peng started out at a pretty fast clip, right up at 20 out of the park and onto the trail. He missed one turn, then the next – I figured …

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