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May 31 2010

2010.05.31 7 Hills of Kirkland

20100531-06431500-9616 [S90] (1024x575)

Well…Kary, Chris, William and I rode the 7 Hills of Kirkland today and guess what? We found the two hills we missed on our previous attempt!  You know what we didn’t find?  The South Kirkland Park and Ride.  Can you believe that the City of Kirkland is so into urban beautification that they hide their park and  rides?  Or is …

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May 30 2010

2010.05.30 East Lake Sammamish Ride to LCC

20100530-08091100-9611 [S90] (800x800)

It looks like Dan did pray (see as the weather this morning was terrific for a ride.  The sun was out as Daniel and I on a tandem crested Lakemont to ride by Lewis Creek Park. Enjoying the Sunshine   As we sped down Lakemont, whenever we braked our brakes squealed like a banshee.  It was …

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May 29 2010

2010.05.30 Lake Sammamish to Church

Anyone up for an early morning ride can join Dan the man, Andrew, Karen and me for a ride around Lake Sammamish. We’ll be departing from Sunset Elementary no later than 7:15 am heading counter clockwise around the lake and meeting up with Dan near Costco, continuing around the north end of Lake Sammamish, through …

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May 27 2010

What I Like Best About Cycling

Tandeming Is Fun

Despite the occasional leg cramp, rain storm, road rash… and irritating driver that pulls up behind you and honks, I totally enjoy cycling.  There’s a ton of reasons why and I kinda felt like sharing a few. Sometimes being tired is a drag, but the kind of tired you get after a long ride feels …

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May 25 2010

2010.05.31 Ride the 7 Hills of Kirkland

I’m signed up to do the 7 Hills of Kirkland ride this coming Monday, May 31st (i.e., Memorial Day). The traditional 7 Hills course is approximately 40 miles long with about 3,000 feet of climbing. It loops around Kirkland, going over the following hills: 1) Market; 2) Juanita; 3) Seminary; 4) Norway; 5) Kingsgate; 6) Winery; …

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May 24 2010

New Bike Commuter

IMG_9463 (1024)

I know that as some of us that are just starting to try commuting by bike to work (or just cycling in general), it can sometimes feel daunting.  Some thoughts that my come to mind are: Can I ride the few miles to work? (Yes, but it may take time to build endurance.) Do I need …

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May 23 2010

Jerseys – they’re not a state

What do you all want to do for jerseys? I think it would be easiest if we all went for the World Vision jerseys. We don’t have enough time left to design custom jerseys. [added by editor-- Addional information on World Vision from Heather N.] Here is the website for Team World Vision.  They already have a fund …

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May 23 2010

Pumping off the Pulled Pork

Dan Ko, Steve Kato, Kurt and I went for a spin around Lake Sammamish after the MC Meeting today. Steve split off at Marymoor and rode home. Dan, Kurt and I continued back up W Lk Sammamish. Mr. Ko wins the “sandbagger award” for moku-ing up the hills as he passed us. It was a …

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May 22 2010

One More Tandem

Congrats to Mikkel and Karen on their first tandem ride today!  May there be many more !

May 22 2010

commuting in style

An article from NPR:

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