Apr 22 2012

Sunday afternoon – South Lake Loop

Well, I attempted to set this up as a friendlier ride and it started out that way.
Alana was there and we had a decent pace for a while. Then she had to drop off.
The pace was still friendly going across the floating bridge and started to pick up
a little as we rode on Lake Washington Blvd. We then headed toward Seward Park
and Kary and Gail took off. The tailed off a little and they let the group catch up but then they
took off again; this time I chased. I’ll have to put my computer back on my bike – Kary said
they clocked in at 28(?) – a good sprint.
We took our obligatory pit stop at Seward Park; lounged around and then headed up the
hill out of the park. I had a pretty good climb out and Victor was right on my tail. I think
he’s ready for his upcoming century. We then threaded our way down to
the Renton Airport, over toward Coulon Park, and then back along the east side of Lake Washington.
Not too eventful until we hit that little rise going toward exit 9. I thought I had a good pace
going until I got smoked by Hiep’s brother, Si. We then made our way over to the famous
Honda hill. It was a good climb back. I knew the ride back to Sunset would be easy – it was
all downhill once we made it to Newport way; so I cranked it a little (well…Ok, I cranked it
a bit). I didn’t see anyone behind me but I figured they’ll eventually catch up. Then I saw a
shadow in my mirror and could tell someone was getting close.
I figured it had to be Kary and Gail, so I cranked it harder. By this time I was getting
a little tired after their sprint back near the lake. I looked in the mirror and I thought Kary
and Gail were getting closer, so I stepped it up as much as I could. I made it to the red light,
stopped, and turned around – it was Hiep. Another mile or so and he would have passed me.
We made it back to Sunset without incident. Great weather and a good ride.
Thanks to Kary, Gail, and Hiep I was tired the rest of the evening :)

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  1. Tailwind

    Hiep has a brother? Sounds like nice workout :)

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