Mar 25 2012

South Lk Wa Loop – 3/24/12

At last, a dry sunny but crisp Saturday morning for the bike ride. Ten riders (William, Paul, Grace, Dan, Victor, Eddie, Brad, Craig, Gail, and myself) gathered at Mercer Island Park and Ride for a 26 mile stroll around the south loop of Lake Washington. I did say stroll, but Craig and William didn’t understand the email, more to come. Here’s the ride according to my perspective. We started out at the Park and Ride and headed east towards the I-90 east channel bridge were we encountered a lot of bike and foot traffic going the opposite direction (towards us). I believe there was some organized event going on based on a check-in stand I noticed along the way. The traffic quieted down as we headed across the Mercer slough and south towards Newcastle. I had intended the ride to be at a moderate pace but that didn’t last very long. I quickly found us pulling up rear of the pack along with Dan. Thanks Dan for staying with us. We made our first stop at Coulon Park in Renton where we took a rest break and refueled. We then continued heading south around the lake then back up north along the Boeing access road. I didn’t feel any tail wind as we were heading south, but as we were heading north there was a definite head wind. Lucky for us, William and Craig took the lead in pulling us along Rainier Ave maintaining a healthy 20 mph. I tried to do my part but didn’t last very long. Through Rainier Beach and though some rolling hills the group dropped us, even Dan got tired of keeping us company. When we arrived at Seward Park and did a head count we were two riders short…somewhere along the way we lost Eddie and Victor. Fortunately, about several minutes later they pulled in. It ended up that Eddie had a slow leak on his Pinarello. Someone asked if there’s a free lifetime flat repair service for Pinarello’s…need to check into that. Eddie decided to change his slow leaker. I don’t know how long it took him but it was enough time for my legs to really tighten-up :) . Along Lk Wash Blvd, Craig and Paul kept a decent pace leading the group up the switch backs up to I-90. Took a quick break at the top of I-90 for a picture and off we went. Across I-90, the group sped away but they graciously waited for us at the Mercer Island Lid Park where I decided to pass them by and back to the Park and Ride. Thanks for the wonderful ride everyone. I hope I didn’t sound unappreciative of the company….just poking a little fun :) .