Jun 06 2011

Swan Century – Beautiful Ride with FOOD! (June 4)

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SWAN Century.....................

This is an interesting ride – it’s split into two legs.  The first leg goes east to the town of Concrete.  Frances, Doug Y. and I took it easy; though Frances and I did pick up the pace a little we settled back to ride with Doug Y. who knows enough to not get sucked into the jump start. We rode a comfortable 15mph.  About 15miles in, a dog ran out from a house and came at us. My stoker started to pedal a lot faster. She said we could race the dog and I was ready to do it but the dog gave up when we moved away from
its home.

A little past 20 miles, we hit the first stop, and true to their word there were cookies – chocolate chip and the other kind with M&Ms. I love those! I also had a banana so I could feel good about eating the cookie. No hills, but a lot of chipseal. Richard rode domestique. I think he’s ready for the Tour.

We stopped for lunch a little before 12pm: meatball subs, ceasar and pasta salad. All part of the support. We started the second part at around 1pm; this time heading due west. Almost immediately we hit a headwind. Though it was flat, the headwind always knocks off 5mph or more. Our group mainly stayed together, but I know when Heli lead, we fell behind…and when Heather led…and when Kary and Gail led…well, ok when just about anyone led we fell behind. Maybe it’s the curse of the Barney bag. We did encounter one climb on the second leg. We crawled up it – eveyone else hit the climb like they were on a leisurely stroll.

On one stop we were down at the beach. I got my M&M cookie, but there were also licorice sticks. Kary put two in his back pocket – just sticking out enough for me to see it. See? I tell you – he tries to bait you. The wind was helping us on our way back. I was even able to pull Kary and Gail after they tried to pull up to Richard, Doug Y. and Heli. They had to have been going 20-25. We were content to draft off of Doug P. and Janine. We pulled into the finish at around 4:15 or so. Renee and her  friend Jarold finished the metric century a couple of hours earlier. The support was amazing and so was the ride. The weather was about as good as it gets. If you get a chance to ride this next
year, I highly recommend it.



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  1. Tailwind

    Sounds like a wonderful ride! I want to try this next year…

  2. gail

    Great blog Steve and thanks for organizing this ride. It was a lot of fun and yes that headwind was a bummer, reminded me of the RSVP. As you can see, I added more pics.

  3. blueneck

    It was fun – I’m glad we had a bunch of riders. Next year, I hope we get a bigger crowd. I forgot to mention that we got chocolate medals at the end and Doug P. also got some really good video shots.

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