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Mar 05 2012

STP 1 day

white shoes

Hey Everyone! Grace and I on Tandem and Craig are doing the STP in One Day. I’d like to invite other Crazy people to join. Our goal is 12 hours total. My original thought was Sunday at 3 am, but, there may be interest for Sat at 3 am. Sunday would be nice because the …

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Mar 03 2012

A (Kind of) Leisurely Ride Around Lake Sammamish


Unable to join Ed and company for a ride tomororw morning, I was looking out the windoow planning out other future rides.  But the 59º F temperature, blue sky and wispy clouds was beckoning me to go for a nice leisurely ride. Right now. Rolling down my hill on my way toward Sunset to meet Kary, I was greeted by a …

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Feb 28 2012

Chilly Hilly 2012: from FA(s)T Eddie’s point of view


The cold temperature and the hills each contribute to the challenge.  But for me, the biggest challenge is the fact that I haven’t exercised in any way, since September.  Back then, my conditioning was acceptable.  But I’ve had a lot of cake, ice cream, roast beef, red wine, poppy-seed muffins, and couch time since the …

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Feb 04 2012

Mercer Island Loop – 1st Ride of the Season


Couldn’t ask for a better February day to dust off the ole two-wheeler and take it for a spin. Nine of us took advantage of the sunny mild winter day this morning and went for a leisurely spin around Mercer Island. For the most part, the group adhered to the plan keeping the pace at …

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Jul 22 2011

STP 2011 – Red Team Ride Report

Our ride started off almost like clockwork – people got their streamers and their much valued  wrist bands. We left at 6:20am and the remaining color teams left roughly on schedule with the yellow team rolling out at 6:40am. At Kent, we saw some of the teams start to come in and our team (red) took off …

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Jul 13 2011

Tour de Donut 2011 Ride Report

This was a delicious ride. Our first stop was Krispy Kreme*. Dan and William picked out a dozen or so. I wolfed down a couple 1/4 size pieces and my stoker took one as well. We next went up East Lake Sammamish Pkwy – I found that I was pulling a bunch of people so …

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Jun 18 2011

Maltby Cafe-Paradise Lake


Daniel and I have not had a chance to really get out on a long ride for about 4 weeks so we were looking forward to doing this 44 mile Tour de Cure loop.  I was not sure how the ride would go.  Would have have to stop early?  Make frequent adjustments?  Get lost and take a long time …

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Jun 06 2011

Swan Century – Beautiful Ride with FOOD! (June 4)


This is an interesting ride – it’s split into two legs.  The first leg goes east to the town of Concrete.  Frances, Doug Y. and I took it easy; though Frances and I did pick up the pace a little we settled back to ride with Doug Y. who knows enough to not get sucked …

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Jun 03 2011

North Bend Loop – May 30 Memorial Day

Snoqualmie Falls

Nice ride, 51 miles with no rain (again) to North Bend and Snoqualmie Falls with Eddie, Heather, Janella, Richard, Kary & I.  Was able to see the Wallabies on the way to Snoqualmie Falls.  Nice scenery, lots of hills but most of all a fun ride! 

May 28 2011

Pod 1/A Ride Report for Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish, May 28

We started off from Sunset Elementary. Everyone stuck together pretty much all the way to Log Boom Park. A couple of folks broke off to take a nature break or stop at a store but I didn’t notice. I was too busy huffing away. After a quick regroup at Log Boom Park I tried to …

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