Jul 05 2010

Tour de Donut

I was reading Shawshank’s comment the other day about him eating TopPot donuts and was thinking — why don’t we have a ride like this one here in Utah or here in Texas?  Where is ours in Seattle?  I suppose ours would be the Tour de Latte.


  1. blueneck

    lambshank? lambchops? drumstick? lambchop? (gotta sock puppet?)

  2. dancin

    How about a Tour de Donut route that’s about 35 miles that would start at Sunset Elementary and stop at Krispy Kreme in Issaquah, Sunrise Donut in Redmond, go up Bel-Red Road to Westernco Donut in Bellevue(Crossroads), and Top Pot Doughnuts in Bellevue (Downtown) and finish with a nice ride up Bellevue Honda hill back to Sunset! For an added kicker we could add an extra 6 miles and head to South China for Chicken Wings,Fried Ribs and Chow Mein….It’d be a nice mini warmup run to prepare us for the good eating on our STP SAG stops….mm.mm.gooood!

    1. Tailwind

      Oh, that is a wonderful route– I am on for that!!

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