Jul 05 2010

The “Big Loop”, Trip Report

Here’s my first attempt in posting some pictures from our July 3rd “Big Loop” ride around Lake Sammamish – Lake Washington.

We all converged to Sunset Elementary School for the start of the ride at 7:00 AM, and ended up returning with close to 80 more miles on our odometers.

A quick headcount shows 17 riders

The tandem team Ed and Mike “Lambshank” zipping by, too fast for my camera.

Dancing Dan cruzing by, I’m starting to think I’m a bit slow.

Rider down!  Season rider Victor hits the ground fairly hard just North of Lake Sammamish, and fears injury to his collar bone.

Victor’s helmet shows that it did its job, sparing Victor of head injury.

Although he’s hurting Victor manages a smile for the camera.  The emergency doctor says no fractures, but some bone bruises and road rash.

We made it to the coffee shop in the UW area.


I think the stoker really does pedal.

The last part of the ride from Eastgate to the school.

No flats on this ride, only Kurt’s broken derailleur hanger, and chain.

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  1. Tailwind

    Nice and exciting ride! Glad though that Victor was not seriously hurt and that Kurt had help from members of the ride group.

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