Jun 20 2010

Bike Sighting

With STP only a few weeks away, did Daniel and I need to go on a ride?  Especially since Daniel has only been out a few times?  YES.  So what did we do?  We decided to spend this day as a family on a road trip to Canada.  At least that was the plan until Esther talked to a biker (motorcycle that is) who said that there as a good burger joint in Yakima.  Being adaptable, we decided to check it out (by car). 

We decided to take Route 410 by Mt. Rainier for the scenery.  Of course, it was raining, but I suppose that is Seattle scenary for you.  As we climbed the pass, there were cyclists and then snow!

20100619-102208-9681 [S90] (800x589)

Burrrrr it's cold in June

With fog coming over the mountains, it was clear one minute and suddenly it started to get misty.

20100619-102654-9688 [S90] (800x600)
Next Ansel Adams?


Getting over the pass, the temperature started to rise into the 60s.  No rain.  Cloudy at times, but with sun breaks.  This was a nice change in weather.

20100619-111929-9691 [S90] (800x600)
Some warmer weather


But you may ask, what about bikes?  Well, we finally arrived at our destination and look — a bike!

20100619-115854-9704 [S90] (800x600)
Our destination – and a bike


How was the food you may ask?  It was quite good.  The burgers were good, the fries were cooked on demand and the onion rings were from Walla Walla.  Lot’s of calories – yummm. 

20100619-121936-9710 [S90] (800x600)

After this I need to ride 200 miles!


Well, we “rolled” out of there, got home and decided to take a short walk to help work off the lunch. 


20100619-162830-9716 [S90] (800x655)


300 miles, burgers, fries, onion rings, squirrels, and a few bike sightings — altogether a nice outing.  Now we really need to go out and ride…