Apr 14 2012

Tacos, April 14, 2012

Saturday found Esther and me preparing for our first tandem ride of the season.  I dusted off the bike, checked to make sure all the tools were packed, pumped up the tires – good, no flats - and noticing the crank had some grease, tried to at least give it a cursory wipe.

Rolling the tandem to the car, i removed the front wheel to get the bike racked. While going to put the tire in the trunk, I remembered to also pack the helmets, water bottles, and the like.  Finally it was all done.  For a first ride, it sure took along time.  This was also a first test of the car rack to see if it could hold the weight of the tandem

Esther came and we got into the car; as we were backing up I heard a funny sound.  Not quite running into something, but a soft whump.  Hmmm… can’t be a good sign.  Hope the rack is holding.

Getting  out I saw peeking out from under the rear tire the front wheel of the tandem.  Not good.  Still, hope springs eternal and maybe it would be fine!  Drive the car forward, pick up the tire, spin it…and…it looks like an open taco.  Bummer.

Fortuantely I had a “spare” mountain bike wheel that should fit.  Actually, it is the wheel to Esther’s mountain bike that slowly over the years has become a donor bike.  Well, this time it was a good thing, except that now I had to change tires from mountain bike tires to smooth and narrower road tire.  5 minutes later, we were on our way. Again.

Getting to Marymoore was uneventful, except that we had to park in the grassy areas.  The bumpy ride made the rack creak and groan in protest but eventually we got to a good spot and unloaded.  Not having tried the replacement wheel, it turns out it was wider and the brakes need to be adjusted.  Since it was a cantilever brake, it need to be adjusted in multple dimensions – yet another 10 minutes delay.  We won’t even talk about us getting on, riding off and having to return to pay for a parking pass…

Once on the trail the ride was smooth, dodging runners, dogs, other cyclists, roots, etc.  It was nice to have a bell to give a warning, but most people ignored it anyway.  Initially we were only going to go a few miles, but before you know it, we were by Chateu St. Michelle so we turned in to have lunch.

Going in, we asked the informatiion desk if they were serving.  The lady promptly replied that she did not know, maybe go to the shop next door.  Do you think that she did not want us in cycling clothes going into the dining room?  As there were very few people there, probably not, but still the question lingers.

We decided to go to Red Hook instead and were joined by tons of other cyclists.  This must be the place to be!  The hamburgers and curry that we ordered hit the spot and now we had to make our way back home.

The way to and from Red Hook was guarded by giant Dragonflies– 


Which we did at a nice lesiurely pace and capping off a nice first tandem ride of the year with Esther.





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  1. blueneck

    Very nicely done – a tandem ride and an enjoyable meal; good motivation for the next ride. ‘Nice to know that all that effort at the beginning was worth it!

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    [...] Last week Esther and I dusted off our tandem and went for ride.  After a few mishaps, we did eventually get a ride in that week.  We knew though, that we would like to make adjustments and so we went on another ride this week to try out some dffferent equipment.  In particular, we were trying out a Selle Anatomica Titanico leather saddle for Esther to replace her Brooks B17s Imperial saddle.  We were also trying out Keen Commuter II clipless sandals. [...]

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