Jun 27 2011

Basic Bike Maintenance Day

Boy we were blessed with a wonderful day yesterday.  Colin and his son showed up with all kinds of bicycle tools that we got a chance to try!  Colin is an avid biker of all terrain, and once held a Beacon Hill bike shop.  Some of the repairs/adjustments we made yesterday were tire change, tire truing, derailleur adjustment, stem adjustment, and chain removal.

Colin showing some of the finer points of rim truing.

Typical… very few workers.

They sure have been working on that tire for a long time, and it wasn’t even flat to begin with!

I think our bikes are ready for the STP, not sure about ourselves though…

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  1. Tailwind

    That was a fun session. It was nice to learn about truing and to see so many riders learning how to fix their own flats.

    Thanks Doug and Colin for putting this together!!

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