Jul 05 2010

Lake Sammamish Loop with New Stoker

As it seems to be the case here in Seattle, the weather was quite drab and gray up to July 4th.  Come July 5 and all of a sudden, sunshine and lots of it.  Thus, it was a great day for a ride.

Since Daniel decided that he was to “cramped” on the tandem to ride with me, that meant I had to ride my single.  I threw the idea out to Dan to see if he might be interested in riding the STP with me on the tandem.  He thought I was joking, but we then decided to give it a try to see if it would work.   Apropo since Dan is “cramp-master” himself so this should not be a problem :-)

The ride turned out to be a big one with 8 riders, including two tandems (one being a husband-wife team –nice!)

The thought was that we would ride around the lake at an easy pace so that we could practice getting in sync and to stop and make adjustments along the way.  We did not seem to have too much trouble getting in sync.  It turned out that Dan isa good stoker (apparently even better if he rode with his eyes closed).  We were in sync enough to be able to hit 39+ mph so that was nice.  Going up hills was working too, as long as we both pedaled…

The biggest problem that I see is that we have not had enough seat time on the tandem to have it adjusted properly to both of us.  As you can see in the picture, both of us could be stretched out a bit more and the stoker handlebars could be raised a bit.  And, we would probably need a bit more time on the Brooks as these have not had much seat time in them…kind of hard still.


Doug and Lori looked like they were having fun.  She was sitting up, riding no hands — and Dan was wondering why he couldn’t do that.  Daniel just had a bike fit and he was flying all over the place.  I guess the bike fit worked! Richard, Jeff and Steve were riding nice and steady — in fact, when Dan and I decided to really crank it up coming back, Jeff just stayed in our draft and kept up with us.  That was nice to see.

All in all, it was fun riding the tandem with Dan and company.  Definately need to do it again soon!

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Dan and I are planning to ride around Lake Sammamish to see if we can ride a tandem together for the STP.  We are meeting at 12:00 noon at Sunset Elementary School if you would like to join us.  It could be amusing…

Meet: 12:00 noon 12:30 pm
Place: Sunset Elementary School
Distance: Approx 23 miles
Pace: Who knows – we will see if we can get in sync
Rain Cancels


  1. blueneck

    Ride comment/report:
    There were two tandems and three bikes out today. Tailwind had a new stoker; the other was an experienced husband-wife(HW) team. We pulled out at around 12:30 – a relatively late start along with some cool weather. Riding along East Lake Sammamish Pkwy, I passed the new stoker who surprised me with, “On your right!” They later passed me on a downhill going 39+…Hmm – over the 35mph speed limit!

    We rolled into Marymoor for a brief break and Tailwind made some adjustments. Then we were off again. Those adjustments must have helped because I didn’t see Tailwind and stoker until Vasa Park. I also got caught by the HW team as they flew along West Lake Sammamish Pkwy.

  2. dancin

    Woohoo…first time on a tandem and the first time on a Brooks saddle. The tandem was a fun and interesting experience. I’d be willing to do it again…not sure if Tailwind would want to bike me around tho’… as for the Brooks saddle….OUCH!!!

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