Jul 01 2010

One Big Loop

anyone interested to ride both lakes this weekend:  Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish?  The route will be pretty similar to a previous ride: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/263969.  Details for the ride below:

Meeting Place: Sunset Elementary

Meeting time: 6:45am.   Start riding at 7:00am

Duration of ride:  Approximately 4h 30min.

Total Mileage: Approx 65 miles

Pace: 15-18mph

Route:  Start at Sunset Elementary, ride counter clockwise (east side) of Lake Sammamish up to Burt Gilman, cut across to the top of Lake Washington, ride counter clock-wise around Lake Washington up to Factoria, then up Newport Way to Sunset Elementary. 

As always: rain cancels.


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  1. blueneck

    I’m going to ride – I may just do a shorter version…or maybe not :)

  2. blueneck

    I’ll see you at 6:45AM

  3. shawshank

    someone brought TopPot donuts to the office and i just ate 3 of them…so tomorrow’s pace may be a little slower. :)

  4. blueneck

    …and you didn’t bring any to the ride :( I was thinking I’d get a TopPot donut and then pick up some more food at Zoka’s. I did get a Zoka bar and it was good! On second thought, I really don’t need an extra donut – I already have one around the middle.

  5. rock

    Here is the ride stats


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