Jun 20 2010

Fathers’ Day tandem ride

Wake up this morning feeling like P-Diddy, put my glasses on, out the door I’m gonna hit the city…

If you know these lyrics, my kids would be ashamed to know you…

Anyway, we started riding a little late, doing the North Loop from my house counter clockwise.  Mike and me on the tandem, with Richard M, riding Pilot Fish.  It is amazing how fast you can go with a 28 year old with 3% body fat on the back of the tandem.  I know you think it was me on the back, but I’m slightly older and very slightly more obese…

Had a few snafu’s-a flat, a bad shift by me (big chain ring-big cassette cog doesn’t work-I think I need a few more links in the chain)plus, we just got tired.  Oh, and it rained on us, too!   So, we just finished too late to make it to first service.  Mike was meeting his Dad, and so was I, for Fathers’ Day, so we didn’t make it to LCC.  Richard M, made it though.  What was Richard M., eating in the picture above?  It sort of looks like he’s transforming into Darth Vader.

Craig and Kary were out at a late night poker game, so they couldn’t wake up for the ride.  I guess they felt a little too much like P-Diddy.  Sounds like Craig cleaned up in the game though!

Click the above link to see a little movie Mike took while riding!