Jun 02 2010

Forests, bears, cattle and gopher holes?

Think that we have a few problem with hills, traffic lights the occasional construction project?  How about forests, bears, cattle and gopher holes in Seattle in the 1800′s?

“Cyclists didn’t have to venture far along these paths to escape the city noise and crowds. The Lake Washington Path reportedly plunged riders into deep forest, where an occasional black bear encounter was to be had. The Magnolia path bisected farmland, and the trail conditions were often poor due to cattle grazing along its edge…

…But even out in the wilds of what is now Madison Park and Leschi, a rider could not escape the long arm of the law. The path was patrolled by A.C. Deuel, Seattle’s first bike cop, who would arrest speeders (called “scorchers”) and ticket riders who were passing on curves or riding unlicensed bicycles. He also would fill gopher holes on the path and chase off cattle.”

From Biking Puget Sound