Apr 17 2010

2010.04.17 Lake Washington North Loop

North Loop and Beaux Arts

We gathered at the Mercer Island Park and Ride to start the ride.  There were quite a number of riders, including two tandems.  As we near the time of departure, Rocky pulls up in his Porsche and begins to pull out the pieces of his bike — how else would you get a bike into the back seat of a Porsche?  While he reassembles his bike Jon herds the rest of us.

After a quick prayer, we head east out over the I-90 Bridge. As we reach the Mercer Slough, we decide to deviate from the original path to ride through the Beaux Arts neighborhood.  Pretty flat Ed says — only a hill further up he tells us… right.

Well, the hills were a much needed workout, taking a few wrong turns was half the fun and we got so see areas that we did not see before. 

Cycling by His Grace,

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  _-\<, -\<,_

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North Loop and Beaux ArtsThe Team (less Chris)