May 30 2010

2010.05.30 East Lake Sammamish Ride to LCC

It looks like Dan did pray (see http://cyclingtowardthelight.com/cttlblog/?p=459) as the weather this morning was terrific for a ride. 

The sun was out as Daniel and I on a tandem crested Lakemont to ride by Lewis Creek Park.

20100530-06470600-9605 [S90] (1024x666)
Enjoying the Sunshine


As we sped down Lakemont, whenever we braked our brakes squealed like a banshee.  It was kind of embarrasing to have all the people walking their dogs turn and stare at us as we disturbed the peace. We finally make it to Sunset Elementary School where we met up with Jon and Karen on a tandem and Andrew.

We have been on rides with Karen, as the stoker, and she always knew how to enjoy the back seat.  Today was no exception!

20100530-07073500-9606 [S90] (1024x949)
This is the way to be a stoker!


The boys ready to go we started off to meet Dan.

20100530-07075500-9608 [S90] (1024x768) (554x768)
The boys…


After hooking up with him we continued on East Lake Sammamish Parkway.  There were few cars, but even better, there was a tailwind to that we easily maintained a 15-18 mph speed.  Along the way we saw hawks, deer and eagles. 

The ride through the Marymoor wetlands was peaceful but uneventful, save for RC modelers flying their planes and helicopters.

20100530-08091100-9611 [S90] (800x800)

Dan Leading the Way Thru the Marymoore Wetlands


Going up the Bel-Red hill was “fun” but it was nice to be able to time the lights at the bottom to be able to ride past Dan as he had stopped at the red light.  He got his revenge as the raced past us up the hill — as did Jon and Karen and Andrew.  We just -ummm- wanted to make sure that no one was left behind…

Great ride and made it church in plenty of time to prepare for worship.  Thanks for the ride!


Cycling by His Grace

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