May 23 2010

Pumping off the Pulled Pork

Dan Ko, Steve Kato, Kurt and I went for a spin around Lake Sammamish after the MC Meeting today. Steve split off at Marymoor and rode home. Dan, Kurt and I continued back up W Lk Sammamish. Mr. Ko wins the “sandbagger award” for moku-ing up the hills as he passed us. It was a nice way to end a rainy weekend, and work out the kinks after sitting all morning.

P.S. No phone, so no photos, but I could have gotten a good one of Dan wheeling his bike into the restroom.  Is that why the stalls are so big at Marymoor?


  1. blueneck

    ‘Had to find some way to work off that lunch – it was sooo good…

  2. Tailwind

    Nice that you got a ride in this weekend. On the RSVP Dan also “sandbagged” us — complaining about cramps and then powering up Chuckanut Drive! It was actually a pretty amazing ride up — he just took off up the hill and kept going. Quite impressive.

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