Jun 26 2012

Snoqualmie Valley Ride – 6/24/12

How fortunate we were to have perfect weather this past Sunday afternoon for a scenic ride in Snoqualmie Valley. My apologies for not specifying the mileage of the ride in my email, the route I advertised in the CTL site indicated 45 miles but actually it was closer to 40 miles. It was unfortunate that Saturday’s donut ride was cancelled due to inclement weather. However, there was a small window between 10:00am – noon Saturday where the roads dried out and the sun actually poked through the clouds. Hopefully, you had a chance to take advantage of that opportunity and get some quick miles in the saddle before the rain came.

Sunday’s ride started out auspiciously. Steve Shaw on his way to Sunset Elementary fell on his bike on the tight switchbacks behind Sunset. Luckily, he only sustained several scraps and bruises but unfortunately Steve was unable to ride with us. Steve, I hope you heal quickly. We had a good showing joining us for the ride, Janine, Curt, Cho, Peng, Doug Yip, Eddie, Jason, and Colin & his son Jamis (on their tandem) all met at Sunset. Colin, it was nice to see another tandem. The route planned was essentially the short version of the Flying Wheels. For those who are familiar with the route, there are plenty of challenging hills and a lot of rollers. With the route and pace, this was not one of the easier rides…ask Janine :) . Here’s a riddle, what stands upright on a hill and is shiny? If you guessed Jason racing up a hill on one of his 17 bikes you’re correct…the guy loves grinding up hills off the saddle…amazing but painful to watch. There are 3 major hills in the route, of which Jason made his way to the top first on two of them (Inglewood and Ames Lake) and Eddie taking the last hill (Stair-step)…nice job guys. We all rode at a brisk pace covering 40 miles in less than 3.5 hours including brief stops at the top of hills and two rest stops.

This was one of the last few remaining training rides leading up to the STP with exception to this coming Saturday’s Crystal Mountain ride. I hope everyone is finally rounding into shape.

Sorry, no pictures or data is available for the ride, poor planning by the ride organizer.