May 12 2012

South Loop

Nancy and I started at 9:00 am from the Mercer Island Community Center. The South Loop would be double the mileage from our last time out (i.e., the Mercer Island Loop).

It was cool, but the sun was out. A perfect morning to cycle! We headed toward the East Channel Bridge, through the Mercer Slough and down East Lake Washington Blvd. When we got to Coulon Park we immediately saw IJM jerseys! Who were these guys?

It was Kary’s group. They had started at 8:00 am from Sunset Elementary and we had tracked them down like panthers on the prowel, like wolves after caribou, like great whites after sea lions. Okay, so they had been stranded for an hour because Eddie had blown out his tire and someone had to ride to a bike shop. The point is: WE CAUGHT ‘EM! Nancy is developing her predator instincts!

Yeah, we caught 'em!

The group was just about ready to head out again so we all started out together around the south end of the lake, around Renton Airfield, and up Rainier Avenue. That’s where they decided to ride on ahead leaving Nancy and me to travel at our own pace. But lo and behold, when we got to Seward Park…WE CAUGHT ‘EM AGAIN!

They must have been taking some long bathroom breaks – one at a time – because we weren’t breaking any speed records. But when they took off from Seward Park, we didn’t see them again. We headed out and rode right by a friend’s house, which I pointed out to Nancy and, hey! There’s my friend! So we stopped by to say hi and chat a bit.

After that short break we took off again up Lake Washington Blvd and as we approached the boat slips at Lakewood Moorage a group of riders flashed by going the opposite direction. Hey that’s Grace…and they were gone. Yup! It was the one-dayers burnin’ up the asphalt. They went by so fast that Nancy, who was looking out at the lake, didn’t even have time to turn to see them. Amazing!

The rest of the ride was uneventful. Rode the hill up to the bridge, over I-90 and back to the Community Center. Oh yeah. Had to take a picture on top of the Mt. Baker Tunnel. You can’t see it, but there’s a stunning Mt. Rainier behind Nancy. It was a great day to be out!

On top of the Mt Baker Tunnel