Mar 05 2012

STP 1 day

Hey Everyone! Grace and I on Tandem and Craig are doing the STP in One Day. I’d like to invite other Crazy people to join. Our goal is 12 hours total. My original thought was Sunday at 3 am, but, there may be interest for Sat at 3 am. Sunday would be nice because the 2 dayers would be the rabbits we are chasing, and we all meet at the end for celebration or before. Sat is nice because some even Crazier people would join the two dayers on Sunday for another 100 miles. I’m crazy, but not that crazy.

Let me know if you want to join this One Day group, and I’d most likely just go along with the majority for preference.


I need help with training. Anyone free on weekdays to train? I may ride with Cascade to get some miles in, as I find it hard to ride alone. Weekends, Grace and I will be training…pls join. But we will not be doing beginner rides.

Sat ride with Jason and Richard was nice-not too hard-not too slow-a little windy going South in the South Loop.

Sun ride was wet, and I had Inappropriate Clothing, and no fenders and i had WHITE SHOES. They got really dirty in the rain with water and mud. Hosed them off at church. I need WHITE SUNGLASSES to match. Like in the music video ‘Sexy and I know it’. We’ll find out if the editor edits this out.  The asian esl janitor at church is really nice…Grace is strong, I’m fortunate to have a strong stoker, although on this day we rode single bikes.




  1. Bart

    Don’t you think that if you get to many blinding white, flashy, “sexy”, cycling accessories…people from the team will suggest, that you to supply sunglasses for everyone as a safety precaution… perhaps White too? If that does materialize, I will provide you a Maui Jim sunglass model number and my prescription :)

  2. buttersnotch

    I’m interested in training for a 1-day ride, and would like to ride every Saturday that anyone is available. I’m fed up with being fat & slow, and this year I really want to get into shape (unlike previous years where I’ve said the exact same thing but haven’t had the time to make it happen).

    However, I don’t think I’ll do the 1-day STP ride. I invited a friend, Sam, to join us this year, and I’m going to ride with him, with the group. And who knows, with all the fast riders gone, I might improve to average speed this time around.

    FA(s)T Edie

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