Mar 03 2012

A (Kind of) Leisurely Ride Around Lake Sammamish

Unable to join Ed and company for a ride tomororw morning, I was looking out the windoow planning out other future rides.  But the 59º F temperature, blue sky and wispy clouds was beckoning me to go for a nice leisurely ride. Right now.

Rolling down my hill on my way toward Sunset to meet Kary, I was greeted by a buffeting headwind and cross-wind.  Hmmm, I hope this doesn’t slow my decent down Lakemont…  Well, it did.  Only 44+ miles per hour on a nice clear road- maybe better next time.

Having met Kary at Sunset, we started out, and immediately hit a headwind.  Maybe my slow descent is going to be the least of my concerns.  Fortunately for me, Kary immediately pulled ahead and I took advantage of drafting him.  Pulling up by him I could feel the headwind and it was sure nice to be able to draft him a bit more.

When I go up East Lake Sammamish in the morning, there is usually a nice tailwind; not so in the late afternoon.  Taking turns pulling, our nice leisurely ride started to turn into a nice quick ride and we moved along at decent 19.2 average MPH along East Lake.

The sun was looked nice over the lake as we continued up toward Marymoore.


Going over the extension, it was hard to resist stopping for anothe nice shot:

We decided to try to go down West Lake Sammamish despite part of the road being closed due to part of the road being washed out.  The road seemed fine, but then we came upon the washed out portion.  Yup, the road should definately be closed to traffic!  Getting around the construction site gave us a taste of cyclocross (albeit a very small taste…) and we encountered a number of other adventuresome cyclists there too.  With few cars behind us, we continued down WLSP, with yet another headwind as our companion.  Finally we rolled back into Sunset, our nice leisurely ride turning into a nice training ride.  I wonder how that happened :-)




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  1. blueneck

    I did a mixed ride – 11.5 miles since I haven’t been bicycling; not even commuting. But I will pick commuting back up after Easter. My ride included Inglewood Hill – I almost had to get off the bike and walk. No speedometer so I have no clue how fast I was going on the downhill and the flats, but I also have no idea how slow I was going up Inglewood. I’m glad I rode my commuter bike – it was pretty dirty after the ride!

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