Feb 04 2012

Mercer Island Loop – 1st Ride of the Season

Couldn’t ask for a better February day to dust off the ole two-wheeler and take it for a spin. Nine of us took advantage of the sunny mild winter day this morning and went for a leisurely spin around Mercer Island. For the most part, the group adhered to the plan keeping the pace at about 15 mph. But as the group rounded the south end of the island, some of the riders began getting a little antsy to picked up the pace. What was supposed to be a leisurely pace became…you guess it…a race on who can grab the first green jersey of the year. I was so far behind Richard, Jon, and Jason that I lost sight of them. I don’t believe this was their first time out this winter. Thanks Janine, William, Eric, and Dan for staying back with Gail and I and keeping us company. It was really nice to get out and stretch the legs.

For those thinking about the Chilly Hilly ride coming up at the end of this month, I encourage you to get out a few times before the event. If you haven’t ridden the Chilly Hilly before, it’s just that…chilly and hilly. It can be a very challenging ride, so those thinking about riding, please get some saddle time beforehand, it will help you avoid a very unpleasant experience. Trust me, I know by experience. Looking forward to another wonderful year of riding.