Jul 13 2011

Tour de Donut 2011 Ride Report

This was a delicious ride. Our first stop was Krispy Kreme*. Dan and William picked out a dozen or so. I wolfed down a couple 1/4 size pieces and my stoker took one as well.

We next went up East Lake Sammamish Pkwy – I found that I was pulling a bunch of people so I decided to slow down a bit and wait up for Alanna. We headed into Marymoor park – my stoker was having a lot of fun with the handset. You’ll likely be hearing that on the STP.

Our next stop was at Sunrise Espresso & Donuts** in Redmond. Eric picked up a dozen or so treats. A 7/11 was next door and Alanna mentioned getting a Slurpee. As I thought about it, it sounded like a very good idea since it was a little warm.

After the Slurpee and a couple of donut pieces it was off to do some climbing to the next donut destination – this time it was Westernco Donut*** near Crossroads. We got some donut pieces plus grabbed a small Subway sandwich. If you think that all we did was eat on this ride, you’re right! After this tasty stop, we headed over to our next destination in Bellevue. But not until we had done some serious climbing up NE 24th St.

Our final donut stop: Top Pot**** We snagged some great donuts there. William, Ed and a few others fueled themselves up with coffee as well.

We rounded out our donut tour by climbing up the infamous Honda hill and dropping back down to Sunset Elementary. We had great weather and some really great donuts. Thanks to all who bought the donuts, and special thanks to Dan – who organized the ride and provided sweep.

Doughnut stops:
*Krispy Kreme
6210 East Lake Sammamish Parkway, Issaquah, WA
** Sunrise Espresso & Donuts
7299 West Lake Sammamish Parkway Northeast, Redmond, WA
*** Westernco Donut
1412 156th Avenue Northeast, Bellevue, WA
**** Top Pot Doughnuts
10600 NE 9th Pl, Bellevue, Washington