Jun 18 2011

Maltby Cafe-Paradise Lake

Daniel and I have not had a chance to really get out on a long ride for about 4 weeks so we were looking forward to doing this 44 mile Tour de Cure loop.  I was not sure how the ride would go.  Would have have to stop early?  Make frequent adjustments?  Get lost and take a long time to get back?  Given these very real possibilities, I needed to have a co-leader and Bart kindly volunteered to help me lead the ride.

Never having planned an entire ride before, I nonetheless planned out the route by mapping out the Tour de Cure 44 mile loop.  Unfortunately, there was no time to do a dry run — but how hard can it be to just follow the map?  Besides, I had the route downloaded into the GPS.

Meeting at Marymoore, I only expected 6 riders at most since it was a Friday — but we got a nice group of 11!

At the start, Heather suggested that we not start off on the first part of the Tour de Cure route since it was quite hilly to start the ride off.  She recommended that we start off by going on the Sammamish River Trail to the Maltby Cafe.  We could pick up the rest of the course from there.  We were now officially off -course from the very start, but we would get back on shortly.

The ride to Maltby Cafe was quite nice.  Low traffic, a nice warm up before we hit the Woodinville-Duvall hill. 

Everyone was nice and happy and by the time we got there it was apparently still too early to eat a nice big cinnamon roll.  Not sure why time would have anything to do with eating, but maybe thats just me….  While there, we did get to admire some nice red bikes.

Continuing on our ride, we (okay, I) make one wrong turn, but it was quickly corrected.  The ride on Yew Way, Downes Road, Fales Road, Elliott Road and High Bridge Road was a beautiful ride with smooth rollers and wonderful scenary.

Unfortunately, we had a rider go down while turning onto Elliott – a few cuts, but fortuately nothing serious.  It did give us some time to take in the scenery though.

Continuing down Elliott and High Bridge Road, we stopped at near th Snoqualimie River on the bridge on Crescent Lake Road. 


There Daniel went to find the boat launch…

While Phoebe contemplated ee cummings…

Despite the nice scenery, we were running out of water and there were no restrooms for our co-ed group.  Hmmm good reason to do a dry on to find out where these amenities were.  I assumed that it would be there, but I guess it was a bit too rural. 

Regrouping, we continued on down to take a right onto  Woodinville Duval.  This was not a great road with lots of traffic and big trucks.  And it was a very big and long hill.  As we were climbing, I realized that I had missed a turn — near the bottom of the hill.  We were spread out so it was difficult to correct this error, but all that climbing will pay dividends right?

Now we were off course a second time but I saw on the GPS that we could take Paradise Lake- so we did.  Hmmm no water or restrooms on this road either.  Starting to get some unhappy campers here… luckily for me we stopped to regroup a an alpaca farm.  The alpacas having just been sheared were pretty cute and looked like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.

It was here that Dan kindly shared the last of his water.  Interestingly, just over the next hill we found a coffee shop!  With restrooms!  I was saved from the crowd!!  (I wonder though if the whole purpose of this ride up to this point was just to provide Dan with an opportunity to share…)

Talking to the shop owner it turns out that if we wanted to actually get back on the route, we would have to go back on Paradise Lake.  Not good.  But…. we were only a few miles from Maltby Cafe so we could just go home the way we came!  Which we did much to everyone’s relief.

So, lessons learned:

  1. The roads in this area are quite scenic and we should come here again. 
  2. When planning a route, the rural parts of Washington can in fact be quite rural so consider that for co-ed rides.
  3. Do a dry run.  If you noticed, the post name has changed — it did not turn out to be the Tour de Cure route afterall.  I did a dry run afterwards so I know the turnoffs, restooms and water stops now.  We should try to ride this again– any takers?
  4. Wait to name a ”new to you” route if you are the ride leader.  Don’t name a ride until afer you have done it — it may in fact turn out to be a different ride then planned and will need a new name.
  5. Enjoy the “opportunity” to explore.  If we did not take a few wrong turn, we would not have seen the alpacas.

Thanks everyone for sharing this new route with me!


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  1. blueneck

    Looks like an excellent ride – though I too might have been “surprised” unexpected hills and wondering just what kind of ride I got myself into.

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