May 28 2011

Pod 1/A Ride Report for Lake Washington & Lake Sammamish, May 28

We started off from Sunset Elementary. Everyone stuck together pretty much all the way to Log Boom Park. A couple of folks broke off to take a nature break or stop at a store but I didn’t notice. I was too busy huffing away. After a quick regroup at Log Boom Park I tried to catch three other riders but they were too fast.

At the UW, we did not go down the treacherous arena ramp. I heard about Susan’s amazing bike skills and how she avoided a T-bone. Kevin scouted  out a route to cross over Montlake near the UW med center.

We wound our way around toward Seward Park. Some on the team remarked how they’d never find the route. Well, I confess that I was just following the bike signs.  We got down to Lake Washington Blvd. and Doug took off. It’s funny how you learn about people on a bike. I never would have guessed that Doug was one of “those” riders. 

Since Kevin wanted to go over the I-90 bridge. I sent him on up the hill – I hope he made it. We could not catch Doug until Seward Park – even with Dan letting me draft.  My stoker and I didn’t stop at the park, we just headed up the hill. It was brutal. 

As we headed toward Renton, Brad let me draft until we got to the airport.  I got some of my wind back and I wanted to stop off at Coulon to get water.  Thanks to Grace for finding water! We left Coulon and assaulted the infamous Honda Hill – one by one, our group passed us by. They waited for us at the top.  I think this is where Dan spanked a car.

We debated a few seconds about whether to follow the other two groups toward Lake Sammamish or ride a few climbs to get to Newport. Our group chose the climbing. At this point, I realized that I was riding with some animals (pod 1/A – “A” is for animal) This time Wayne took off with Dan and Eric in pursuit.

Rolling into Sunset my bike computer showed  68.81 miles at 4hrs 39min with an average speed of 14.7mph – a great showing especially by the new riders in our group!