May 16 2011

Upcoming: Lake Sammamish – Snoqualmie Valley (Carnation) Loop, May 21

This Saturday, May 21, there is a planned ride around the Lake Sammamish – Snoqualmie Valley (Carnation) Loop.

Date: Saturday, May 21
Time: Meet @ 7:45 am, leaving @ 8:00 am
Place: Sunset Elementary
Distance: ~50 miles
Pace: Moderate (click here for what this means)
Terrain: Hilly (click here for what this means)
Expected Ride Time: 5 hours with stops.
Cancellation: Steady or heavy rain cancels.
Ride Leaders: William & Kary

Comment from Ride Leaders
For a description of the ride please see the route directions below. We encourage everyone to make a copy of the route directions for yourself just in case you are separated from the rest of the group during the ride.

Once again, we will be pushing to ride at a pace similiar to what we would ride on the STP and so the speed will be moderate (14 to 16 mph).  The distance will be approximately 50 miles. The route will take us through a variety of terrain (country roads, hwy, flat areas, and HILLS). This will be a challenging ride for those who are not use to riding hills. The forecast for Saturday is predicting decent biking weather, partly cloudy with only a slight chance of showers. Just a reminder there’s only 7 more weeks before the STP. The training rides aren’t getting any easier so please take advantage of these great opportunities to ride, to increase your endurance, and build community.

Route Directions

  1. Start @ Sunset Elementary School
  2. W Lk Sammamish Pkwy SE – (2.5 mi)
  3. Becomes NW Sammamish Rd – (2.5 mi)
  4. Left on 220th Ave SE – (0,2 mi)
  5. Right on SE 51st St – (0.1 mi)
  6. Left E Lk Sammamish Pkwy SE – (6 mi)
  7. Right NE Inglewood Hill Rd – (2.5 mi)
  8. Becomes NE 8th St – (1 mi)
  9. Left 244th Ave NE – (2 mi)
  10. Right NE Redmond-Fall City Rd (Hwy 202) – (1 mi)
  11. Left NE Ames Lake Rd – (2.5 mi)
  12. Becomes Ames Lake-Carnation Rd NE – (2.5 mi)
  13. Becomes Carnation Farm Rd – (2.5 mi)
  14. Right Fall City-Duvall Rd (Hwy 203) – (1.5 mi)
  15. Becomes Tolt Ave (Hwy 203) – (1.5 mi)
  16. Right NE Tolt Hill Rd – (0.5 mi)
  17. Left W Snoqualmie River Rd (W River Rd) – (6 mi)
  18. Right SE 24th St – (0.2 mi)
  19. Left 309th Ave SE – (0.5 mi)
  20. Becomes 308th Ave SE – (0.5 mi)
  21. Right SE 40th St – (1 mi)
  22. Becomes SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd – (0.3 mi)
  23. Becomes 287th Ave SE – (0.3 mi)
  24. Becomes SE Issaquah-Fall City Rd – (4 mi)
  25. Right SE Black Nugget Rd – (1 mi)
  26. Right E Lk Sammamish Pkwy – (0.1 mi)
  27. Left NW Sammamish Rd – (2.5 mi)
  28. Becomes W Lk Sammamish Pkwy SE – (2.5 mi)
  29. Finish @ Sunset Elementary School

Mileages are approximations.

Click here to see the ride stats for the last time we did this ride.

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