Apr 13 2011

[REVISED ROUTE] Upcoming Black Diamond Bakery Ride, April 16

[ALERT: Because of other events this weekend that may impact the Cedar River Trail,  the route for this ride will be changed.  The new route proposed route will be South Lake  Washington+Mercer Island with different alternative stops, but with around the same milage.  The ride will still be starting at the Renton Community Center and the group can decide on the final route.]

This Saturday, April 16, there will be a ride from the Renton Community Center (aka Carco Theatre) to Black Diamond Bakery and return South Lake Washington and Mercer Island.  This is an alternative for those not planning to go on the Skagit Valley Tulip Pedal ride.

REALITY CHECK – Due to the distance (approx 38 mi round trip), this ride is not for people who have not worked up to that distance yet.  See Ride Leader Comments below for more information.

Date: Saturday, April 16
Time: Leaving @ 9:00 am
 Place: Renton Community Center, aka Carco Theatre (1715 Southeast Maple Valley Highway, Renton, WA 98057 (click here for directions) (click here for map)
: ~40 miles
Pace: Easy to Steady, depending on the conditions. (click here for what this means)
TerrainMostly Flat Some Hills (click here for what this means)
Expected Ride Time: 4+ hours (plus different stops at Black Diamond Bakery)
Cancellation: Steady or heavy rain cancels.
Ride Leader: Richard

Ride Leader Comments:
REALITY CHECK: Due to the distance (approx 38 mi round trip), this ride is not for people who haven’t worked up to that distance yet. We will go at a comfortable pace for the group. But it’s expected that people choosing this ride know they are able to ride this distance comfortably. Those who did the Snoqualmie Falls ride last weekend should have no difficulty keeping up. The route is generally flat. Even if it starts out dry, we could have showers and get soaked, so be prepared for that. Bring water and a snack to eat along the way, so you can stay hydrated and fueled up.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: Meet at the Renton Community Center.   Please plan to be ready to ride at 9 am. We’ll plan to ride the South Lake Washington Loop with a loop around Mercer Island. southeast on the Cedar River Trail.  Note – Cedar River Trail is a very popular multi-use facility and can be very congested, especially for the first couple miles – expect walkers, joggers, strollers, children on bikes, dogs and such.  Please be extremely cautious and courteous.  Make your presence known to those you are passing before you pass them, and use caution when passing.

Near Maple Valley, we will exit the trail (dismount and walk our bikes) down a short, dirt path and get onto Witte Rd and continue south past Lake Wilderness and Lake Sawyer.
At the T intersection of 224th Ave SE and SE Auburn-Black Diamond Rd we will turn left and head down into Black Diamond, and have something to eat or a warm drink at the Black Diamond Bakery.


We’ll return via the same route.  We are estimating approx 1.5 hr ride time each way, with maybe 30 min at the bakery.  So plan on possibly 4+ hr round trip.  We had a flat last time – less than 1/2 mile from the start.  There’s a shopping center in Maple Valley that we pass which has a QFC and maybe Starbucks, so these could be restroom chances, approx. halfway point.  Opportunities are sketchy after that until we reach the end.