Mar 26 2011

Ride Report- Lake Sammamish Loop

As Daniel and I went down Lakemont on our way to Sunset to meet up with the others, we were able to see the Cascades in the clear, cold morning air.  Nice since that means the the rain predicted for today may hold off for a few hours yet. 

While we were prepping our bikes, we wondered who was going to come when Jon pulled up - and out popped Andrew and Yumeto.  Andrew in his shorts in the 39° F weather (the advantage of youth with a high metabolism) and Yumeto, visiting from Japan, decked out in cycling clothes all ready to go on the tandem with Jon.

Next Richard pulls in followed closely by Heather.  Ever helpful, Richard helps oil Heather’s chain while Jon adjusts the stoker seat height for Yumeto.  Daniel’s friend, Bentley, pulls in with his father, Elden, both intending to ride with us. Nice to have another father-son team!  As Elden adjusts his seatpost, the seatcollar bolt snaps — unfortunately no one has a spare and Elden, not wanting to stand and sprint for 23 mile, decides that maybe he should not ride today.  Still plenty more rides, but we know the disappointment of not being able to get out after looking forward to it :-( .

Kary and Gail pull up in their tandem — comfortably decked out for Gail.  Afterall, the cardinal rule for tandem riders is to ALWAYS keep the stoker happy! Happy stoker = happy captain.

Dan comes by on his bike as we continue to prep.  He was going to the church office for a meeting and concientious guy that he is, he did not play hooky to come ride with us.

We are finally ready to head out — but of course we need to take a team shot.

After a short prayer thanking the Lord for the good day that we can ride, off we go.  Heading towards Costco we glide down the south part of the lake.  We can feel the joy emanating from some of the bikes as this was the first ride of the season for at least 3 of them.  I’m sure the bikes were glad to get out and get the wheel bearing rolling, freewheel spinning and the chains running up and down the gears.  Happy bike = happy rider.

As we go up East Lake Sammamish, other cyclists were on the road too.  Looking behind, I saw a rider coming up fast with a blinking headlight.  Lo and behold, it was Ed!  Not only did he start after us, he caught up to us — on his tandem too! And no stoker at that.   Now we have 3 tandems and 2.5 tandem teams. 

We enjoy the ride up but at we ride through Marymoore my poor bike finally could not bear my winter weight gain and the rear wheel slowly lost air. Fortunately we were near the planned rest stop so we proceeded there to rest up and fix my flat.  With Kary and Ed helping the deed was done quickly.  Thanks Ed and Kary!


Leaving Marymoore, we continued back on West Lake Sammamish Pkwy and finally getting back to where we started.  Great ride and nice to just be with friends.


(Thanks Jon for some of the pictures.)

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  1. blueneck

    Great report! I did a short 13mile ride in Shoreline; partly along the Interurban. It was a very short trail though. I have yet to find a low traffic (ie. safe) bike route up there.

    1. Tailwind

      Should have done your ride and then joined us!

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