May 16 2010

2008.05.15 Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

The morning was cool, bright and crisp when we started.  I have not taken this route before the Snoqualmie falls and I was looking forward to seeing how to get there, having heard about this route from other.  As we went behind Pickering Market, the slugs were out in force — good thing for fenders! 

 Riding along the trail, we started to ascend to the Highlands plateau.  This was a much easier climb than Ingelwood Hill that we did last week.  We decended quickly (as in quite fast) down Issaquah Fall City Road, an encounted another tandem.  It was hard not to give chase, but we controlled ourselves and continued to ride at a steady pace.  

 The road was buccolic with farms and views of the Cascades   

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Farms and Cascades

roads leading to the mountains

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Wonderful Roads To Ride

and fishing spots that just make you glad that we were out and about to enjoy God’s creation.

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We finally got to Snoqualime Falls — and my camera battery dies — so just a cell phone picture here.  

Snoqualmie Falls 1 (800x600)

At The Falls

Daniel and I did not make the return trip as we were meeting up with Esther and Jonathan for lunch at Salish Lodge.  It was great to also be able to share the day with them as part of ride (and the food was really good too!).

Although the route was new to me, and parts to others, it was a good thing that Richard knew how to get to the Falls and Heather knew other scenic side paths to take.  This is definately one route that we need to ride again.

Cycling by His Grace 

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