Jul 21 2010

STP 2010 – Brief Update

We completed the  Seattle-to-Portland ride this past weekend!  All in all, we had 28 riders crossing the finish line for World Vision and World Bicycle Relief.  (See Riding the STP — Bicycles for AIDS Caregivers).  We had a great time of riding, fellowship and opportunities to share with others what World Vision and World Bicycle Relief does.  And we want to thank all the donors as God blessed us by raising $11,640 for the team !!  Thank you for being part of this event — you donation will make efficient bicycle transportation a reality for almost 60 people, which in turn will bless others many times that number over.

More posts will be forthcoming…


PS, if interested, here are the ride stats:

Click here for days 1 and 2 stats from Tailwind

Click here for Day 1 stats from Rocky and Day 2 stats from Rocky