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May 20 2010

Reminiscing on STPs Past

Look at Our Jerseys

So you might be wondering what some of our past STP experiences have been like.  Let’s just say they’ve evolved over the past six years.  On our first STP in 2005, we were six guys slogging along like the 8,500 other riders.  In 2006 we picked up our own SAG wagon so we didn’t have …

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May 20 2010

North Loop last Sat. 5/15/2010

Zoka mocha

I learned a few things on this ride.  But that’ll come at the end. We had 7 guys riding the North Loop from the Wilburton P&R.  Craig and I rode my tandem from my house meeting Eddie on his Pinarello, Mike riding his Towel Rack, Eric Y on his Fuji, and two of Mikes friends …

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May 19 2010

2010.05.15 South Lake Washington Loop

Youthful Bravado vs. Experience

It was a gorgeous day!  We met at the Mercer Island Park and Ride at 2:00 pm.  Some old reliables (Dan, Curt, and Andrew); iron man Richard (who rode 50 miles earlier in the day); and a welcome new face – Alex!   Seven of us - 5 singles and one tandem (Karen and me) – began riding clockwise …

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May 18 2010

Future Ride

Please reply to this post if you are interested. Snoqualmie Valley – 70 Miles

May 16 2010

2008.05.15 Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop

Snoqualmie Falls-Tokul Road Loop The morning was cool, bright and crisp when we started.  I have not taken this route before the Snoqualmie falls and I was looking forward to seeing how to get there, having heard about this route from other.  As we went behind Pickering Market, the slugs were out in force — good thing for …

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May 08 2010

2010.05.08 Medina and Tandems

Medina Waterfront (adj) (1024x766)

In addition to the Snoqualmie Valley-Carnation ride, there was also another group of riders who rode down to the Medina Waterfront.  I understand that there were three tandem riding couples and that it was a nice 18 mile ride of pure riding bliss, coffee, sandwiches, and pastries on the waterfront park.   What’s not to like? Cycling by His Grace,      …

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May 08 2010

2010.05.08 Snoqualmie Valley-Carnation Loop

Snoqualmie Valley-Carnation

It was a wonderful day for a ride along Snoqualmie Valley into Carnation.  We had 11 riders, including Jeff W. who was new to the group and had not ridden for awhile.  The ride was about 45 miles with a fair number of hills but we all made it.  Jeff was the trooper of the …

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