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Jun 24 2013

Bike Noises


Well, I can tell you about the rides I’ve been on these past few months: the Chilly Hilly, the Seven Hills of Kirkland, the Flying Wheels Summer Century, Crystal Mountain, and part of the High Pass Challenge. I could tell you tales of soaking wet rides, endless cramps, and some spills, but maybe some other …

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Mar 21 2010

2010.03.12-21 Bikes and Pedicabs in India (and Frankfurt, Germany)

India 2010 3-14-2010 Garmin

In March I was in India for about 9 days.  It was interesting to see that India has a very vibrant bike culture — as in many people were riding bikes and pedicabs (three-wheeled bikes used as taxis).  There certainly was not a diversity in models as you can see from the photos; mainly your basic …

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